Monday, March 5, 2012

MY IdeaL TyPe is LiKE ..... ????

Hello everyone!!hurm cowy coz da lme xupdate k,,
urmm,,u all?? today i nk 'share2' ngn kowg sume MY IDEAL TYPE of a MAN!!!
the truth is eyka sbnrnye ad byk ideal type tw!!
sumenye ciri-2 KOREAN GUYS!! OMG!! Dowg 2 mmg 'super-duper' laa,,
nk-2 bb2 fesyen,, Eyka skew laki yg smart,pndai berfsyen, HANDSOME!!! Cute!! yg pntg eyka skew yg ad 'ABS',,the six pack!! wah!! mmg perfect a lw ad!! hahaha,, dowg pndai jge klit,, wealthy(some of them),, kalu yg pndy mnynyi, mnari 2 un da dkre ok,,kre x-tra a,, hehehe,, eyka skew guys yg tggy,, lw ley lbey 183cm,,hehehe,,i like tall person,,they look matured!!<3 Eyka un nk a warm person,, yg mmhami,, I hope that i'll marry a person who has my ideal type,, hahahha
Eyka skew GUYS yg pndai wt lgu,, oh!! he must be so SWEET!! n i want a ROMANTIC person!!(the important one) n eyka nk guys yg not a hot-temper person,,I DON'T LIKE THEM SO MUCH!! I also like a guys who has a charisma,, LOVE IT!!

ANTRA GUYS yg ad ciri-2 tue ialh :


I like MINHO SO MUCH!! he's born on 9 Dec 1991,, He has his own Charisma,, Tggi dy 183cm,, he's a warm person,, romantic,, he also has six pack!!

OMG!! i'm melting now,,haha,, i've fallen for him,, kkekekkkekkke
he also looks so cute when he do an aegyo(cute action)

cute!!he also a stylish n handsome person!! SARAGHAEYO!!! <3

2. Jung Yonghwa
he's handsome n a good-looking person,, warm  guy,, playful, funny n 'choding'!!
he's a singer n song writter,, he's quite tall person,, he can play instrument well such as guitar,bass n others,, he's a responsible person, I like a person who has responsibility in theirselves. <3 he's also a tlkative person.

3. Lee Joon
he's handsome person,, funny n playful guy,, tall guy n warm guy,, quite romantic smetime,, he also has abs!! SIX-PACK!!

he's also a stylish guy,,smart n dance well too,, n a talkative person

4. L/ Myungsoo

OMG!! I really2 love this guy,, he's a PRETTY FLOWER BOY!!! he has fair skin, handsme,, quite tall,, he dance n sing well,, he also has cute face,, his face looks so clean n clear,,
he's also smart n stylish guy,, he's a happy person,, i like to see him when he's smiling <3


5. Kang Minhyuk

good-looking, tall person,, handsome,, has fair skin,, baby-face,CUTE!! funny n playful,, a good drummer!! warm guy <3


6. Im Jae Bum

he's a handsome,, good dancer,, sing well too,, stylish n quite tall,, <3
i like his hair style!! SMART!!

7. Kim Yoo Kwon

cute,, quite tall-176cm,, talktive person,, dance n sing well,, <3

8. Chunji

pretty flower boy,, cute,, has power voice,, dance well too,,n he's also quite tall,, smart stylish,,has fair skin,, <3

he looks so cute when he's smiling,,OMO!! >,<

I hope that i'll marry a person who have all my ideal types,, I also that my Namja-Chingu has all my types,, <3<3<3 SARANGHAE MY FLOWER BOYS!!! ^_^

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